The Candy Factory: Sea Breeze


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Hello sweet ones!

The sea breeze is blowing through Second Life and it has such a sweet scent…oh no wonder! That is because it is the theme of the September round of The Candy Factory. Don’t forget it ends the 14th!TCF SLACY'S Cutie Patootie

SLACY’S Cutie Patootie Bikini 60L

TCF SLACY'S Polynesian Babe

SLACY’S Polynesian Babe Color 3 99L

TCF Blah.Blah.Blah Angela Tank Dress, Baubles, Love Zombie Anchored

blah.BLAH.blah *MESH* Angela Tank Dress 3 Color Change HUD 75L

Baubles SeaFarer Bangle (comes with earrings) 70L

Love Zombie Anchored Tattoo 50L

TCF NOISE Tees + Kennedy's Mesh Studded Jean Shorts

Left to Right::

[[[[NOISE]]]]] *MESH* Pirate Bones Tee 69L

Kennedy’s Mesh Studded Jean Shorts 75L

[[[[NOISE]]]]] *MESH* Why the Rums Gone Tee 69L

TCF Kaithleen's Sea Breeze + Love Zombie Printed Shorts

Kaithleen’s Buckled Up Tops – Sea Breeze & Sea Breeze II 75L each

Love Zombie Printed Shorts (Anchors) 75L

TCF LoL Meanan Bubble Dress + Baubles! SeaFarer

Baubles SeaFarer Earrings (comes with bangle) 70L

Loordes of London Meanun Bubble Dress Blue Brocade + Picasso 60L each

TCF SP Romper, Atomic Cherry, ToXiC HiGh Bikinis & Surfboards

Left to Right::

Sour Pickles Breezy Sailor Romper Coral/Sun 75L

Atomic Cherry Peasant Blouse + For the Frill of It Shorts 50L each

ToXiC HiGh Black Bikini With Surfing Board 50L

ToXiC HiGh Blue Skirt Bikini With Surfing Board 50L

TCF P&N Fish Out of Water Dress

–[Pins & Needles]– Fish Out of Water Dress 99L

TCF Timeless Textures

Timeless Textures 18 Seamless Sea Breeze Selection 75L

TCF P&N Pirate's Booty Dress

{Co*Motion} Crates-N-Barrels (comes with Dragon Tankard) 100L

–[Pins & Needles]– Pirates Booty Dress 99L

TCF Zoe's Garden 35L

Zoe’s Garden Tasha’s Raft 35L

(16 single poses, 2 couples poses)

TCF [HC] Pirate Skull Lingerie Pink

Hard Candy Pirate Skull Lingerie – pink and purple 80L

TCF Blah.Blah.Blah Isabella

blah.BLAH.blah Isabella Outfit (Green, purple, and blue tops) 69L

TCF Dondi's Doodads Modern Wench, WickedNight Tee + Capri, Glo-Mart Tube Dress

Left to Right::

Dondi’s Doodads Modern Wench Set 95L

WickedNight Easy Breezy Fey Tee 99L

WickedNight SeaBreeze Capri 99L

Glo-Mart Tube Dress Summer Plaid Lime/Pink + Black Pumps 99L

TCF CoMotion Beachy Keen + Dondi's Doodads Achors Away

{Co*Motion} Beachy*Keen (4 poses per chair) 100L

Dondi’s Doodads Anchors Away Bikini + Flats 75L

TCF SP Breezy Sailor Romper Ruby Navy  Zoe's Garden 25L

Sour Pickles Breezy Sailor Romper [Ruby/Navy] 75L

Zoe’s Garden Lazy Day Lounge (8 poses per chair) 25L

TCF Aphrodite Couple Log Together

Aphrodite Shop Couple Log “Together” 100L

(19 couples poses, 4 prims)

Aphrodite Shop Summer Adventure Tent 100L

(Color change: 5 colors base, 8 colors tent. 4 prims)

I hope you enjoy the wonderful products from this round!

The Candy Factory Blog:


Other Style Info::

Skin:: [VoiD] Elli – Coral – Blogger Pack (9 colors) 99L @ The Candy Factory

Eyes:: [VoiD] Maiden Eyes – Coral (10 colors) 15L Gacha

Hair:: Tameless – Trinity

249L per color pack (Fades, Naturals, Fantasy) Megapack 499L

Palm Trees:: DECO – Palm Trees

If you want to see more Candy Factory items (especially freebies/cheapies) check out:



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Okinawa Summer Festival Lion

The Okinawa Summer Festival ends today! Sad face! But don’t let it pass you by without getting this adorable freebie there! This cute little lion doll is super cute and he’s looking for a home. I hope you come adopt him! 😉

Culture MashupAnother neat freebie at the Okinawa Summer Festival is this lion statue. I know it’s a bit of a culture mashup since I am on the Tromsoe Norwegian sim, but we had fun venturing around there.


Style Info::

Avatar:: **DP**yumyum shy sheep :: black

Outfit:: (Kunglers) TDRB #49 – jumper

(old TDR Blue item but may be available at the mainstore)

Necklace:: =Zenith= Gummy worms  Necklace



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I’ve had so many names. Old names that only the wind and the trees can pronounce. I am the mountain, the forest and the earth. I am… I am a faun.” ~ Pan from Pan’s Layrinth

That is a quote from one of my favorite movies…the gist of the story is a little girl during the Francoist regime in Spain copes with her hardships by going into this fantasy world…but in the end, is it fantasy really? Or was she destined to arrive at that place?


During my nooby days in Second Life I was going through some hard things in real life and always dressed as a faun. A couple years later when a bad SL relationship ended I went back to being a faun. For me, being a faun is a comfort place of fantasy where I do not have to abide by the rules of reality. Do not worry, nothing is wrong now…it is just nice to return to a place of peace and refreshment. Where is your comfort place?


A long time ago, in the underground realm, where there are no lies or pain, there lived a Princess who dreamed of the human world. She dreamed of blue skies, soft breeze, and sunshine. One day, eluding her keepers, the Princess escaped. Once outside, the brightness blinded her and erased every trace of the past from her memory. She forgot who she was and where she came from. Her body suffered cold, sickness, and pain. Eventually, she died. However, her father, the King, always knew that the Princess’ soul would return, perhaps in another body, in another place, at another time. And he would wait for her, until he drew his last breath, until the world stopped turning… Pan’s Labyrinth


Style Info::

Outfit:: Roots & Wings Gallery – Woodstock Hunt Gift:

Olive Tie Dye Peasant Blouse + Boho skirt (freemesh)

Thank you to Eliza Cabassoun for the inspiration for this post from your lovely hunt prize!

Skin:: Al Vulo– Debbie* Ohh Deer chantilly

Eyes:: [Plastik] – Vae Collection – Senn

Ears:: .ILLUSORY. Elven Ear – a4

(store is closed but designer has new store called Auxiliary)

Antlers::  *~*Illusions*~* – *~*Sika Antlers

Hair:: Magika Hair – Awake

Location:: Kingdom of Alurel



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Good evening from *Ghostville* by Cica Ghost!


 I discovered Ghostville through the destination guide and it is so artistically haunting! Do go check it out if you have not already!


My hair is from Tameless. It is called Peyton. (DEMO here) The hair comes in 48 different colors, split into three types of color packs. Each of the Naturals, Fades, and Fantasy packs are 249L each. The Mega Pack, for all the colors, is only 499L though.

LoL Reef Colors Fair & Tameless Peyton

My Saxon Striped Dress in white comes from Loordes of London at the Reef Colors FairLoordes of London has discounts on their fatpacks at this event.

LoL Reef Colors Fair Shoes

I can never get enough of Loordes of London shoes! All these shoes are available at the Reef Colors Fair. The shoes on the left and the top right are different colors of the Soonsara-The Woods Boots. The bottom right show the Canterbury Boots in teal and aqua.

LoL Reef Colors Fair & Tameless Peyton2

Don’t mind me, I love this artistic sim, but I’m going to sneak out of here before I see any real ghosts! Eeps!


Style Info::

Skin:: Essences – Noodles – light rose 01

Mad Science


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“It was the secrets of heaven and earth that I desired to learn; and whether it was the outward substance of things or the inner spirit of nature and the mysterious soul of man that occupied me, still my inquiries were directed to the metaphysical, or in its highest sense, the physical secrets of the world.” 
― Mary Shelley, FrankensteinBoof. Nerdy Labcoat + AleyMart Mad Scientist's Lab_013

Welcome to my laboratory lovelies! *insert mad laugh here*AleyMart! Mad Science Lab

 It is filled with all sorts of doohickies and gadgets that I used to conduct my mad science tests. There is even a secret chamber in the attic of my lab that I use to filter lightening and bring people back from the dead! Mwahaha…if you have got someone in mind to bring back to life, you’ll have to take a number. Sorry. I am booked up for a year!AleyMart! Mad Science Lab + Boof Nerdy Labcoat

 I am like Madam Curie in her laboratory, except I pray my hair does not fall out from the radiation!

Just call me Madam Clarie.Boof. Nerdy Labcoat + AleyMart Mad Scientist's Lab

Totally mad? Sure! But at least for now I have my locks and I’m fashionable! 😉Mad Science Sepia

“Beware; for I am fearless, and therefore powerful.” 
― Mary Shelley, Frankenstein


Style Info::

Boof* Nerdy Labcoat 20L on mp

(comes with goggles, pocket protector, and wearable poison gas beaker)

Mad Scientist’s Labratory for free  from AleyMart!

Hair:: Tameless Hair – Ginger (DEMO here)

(249L per color pack (Fades, Naturals, or Fantasy) Megapack is 499L)

Skin:: Essences – Noodles – light rose 01

Eyes:: <<< np >>> Silent eyes – GRAVE

Pants:: Loordes of London @ Reef Colors Fair Liverpool Jeans – Red

Shoes:: Loordes of London @ Reef Colors Fair Hannae Morae – Grey



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When I saw Vogue‘s current group gift…I didn’t think of “strike a pose” or a runway ready look for the cover of the magazine. The nerd in me spoke up and said “Vogue group gift…I chose you!” 😛 Since I was addicted to them in middle school, I am totally unashamed to say that I thought of the cutest little yellow Pokémon, but a more anthropomorphic version.


 You can pick up this awesome mesh dress from Vogue and their group is free to join!

My rosy Chu cheeks come from Chus! They are a freebie and you can change the color easily through the edit and texture window.

My ears and tail come from this kid’s freebie on the Soken Kid Mesh marketplace store. It comes with a whole cute little outfit for kids plus the ears, tail, a pokéball and an adorable Pikachu gesture!

Now, I’m really a Vulpix or Ponyta kind of gal, but don’t you think I make a great Pikaclar? hehe


Style Info::

Shoes:: Envious – August GG Outfit shoes


Skin:: Mother Goose’s – Choi Lucky Board


Artic Moulin Rouge


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AS Moulin Rouge 2

Hello fab readers! Have you checked out It All Starts With a Smile yet? You really should! There are so many types of terrain and environments within one place (as you can see in my post Unmeshed Has Been and this one)! It is beautiful.

Tonight I am styling a 10L outfit from Artic Storm. Artie just opened up a new location at Flawless and she is also having a 10L Cherry mini hunt in her store right now! There are ten cherries scattered around the store. Go find them! 🙂 This dress is called Moulin Rouge 2 in pink and comes with two skirt options as shown above and below.

I hope you enjoy it! °\(^‿^)~°

AS Moulin Rouge 2 too


Style Info::

Heels::  Felicity – Quinn Stilettos (GG, 30L join fee)

Skin:: *YS&YS* Marilu Skin – Mask – TDR8

Hair:: [ Love Soul ] Hair*057*Gold Blonde

Unmeshed Has Been


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Has Been Demure Set 1 Latte

Has Been is having a sale right now on their unmeshed (non-mesh) items.

All unmeshed items are only 10L right now!

Above is the 10L Demure Set 1 Latte…it comes with the stockings, garters, and bodysuit. They have other versions of this set too, with midriff showing and one that shows a lot of skin. It is sure to send an extra beat to your partner’s heart. 😉

Below is Has Been‘s Sandy Dress in Pink, also 10L.

Has Been Sandy Dress Pink

Has Been Softly Dress Teal

Has Been also has some wonderful mesh freebies on the back wall. Above and below are the six colors of the free Softly Dress. You change the colors with a nifty HUD.

Has Been Softly Dress

Has Been Rendezvous Top

The other freebie on the wall is this adorable Rendezvous Top. It has three colors changed by a HUD. It is not only cute, but it taught me how to spell the word rendezvous! hehe

Felicity GG

Lastly, the group gift over at Felicity is incredible! These Quinn stilettos are very unique and intricate. The great thing about Felicity is that they have past group gifts lying around the store – you can get handfuls of shoes! Thus, the 30L fee to join the group is well worth it in my opinion.

Thank you for reading and hugs my lovelies! ❤


Style Info::

Skin:: *YS&YS* Sofia Fresh TDR (past TDR Fusion product)

Hair:: “”D!va”” Hair “Haruka” Group gift limited hair!

Eyes:: Poetic Colors – Blue Autumn (past freebie)

Location:: It All Starts With a Smile

It All Starts With Envious


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Good evening lovelies! I am here prancing around at It All Starts With a Smile to show you the fabulous group gift currently available at Envious! The group is free to join too!

Envious GG

The gift is stellar and comes with this whole outfit plus the accessories! The mesh skirt, top, bracelets, armbands, wings, finger tape, flats, and collar are included! The collar has stunning detail and is definitely now my favorite collar that I own in SL.

Don’t be Envious of my outfit – go grab your own! hehe 😉


Style Info::

Eyes:: Chus! Seer Lens in Wrath (Ghostly version included) 0L

Skin:: *YS&YS* Sofia Fresh TDR (past TDR Fusion product)

Hair:: [LCKY] Kotori – Mix (black/blonde) (Closed)



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Oh there goes the Batman signal in the Gotham skies once more…but as Catwoman I cannot let Batman have all the fun. So while suiting up to kick some criminal booty, I realized how terribly uncomfortable my latex suit is starting to feel…Roots & Wings Aug 1L

Good thing the Roots and Wings Gallery came out with a delicate but fierce mesh Purple Orchid Corset mini dress as their August dollarbie! It is sure to throw off the villians on my tail…making them think I’m all bells and yarns when really I am waiting to sink my claws into them!  ^·w·^


Skin:: Curio :GP: Sundust Frex [Light] Cupid – Pure 1

Hair:: !lamb Milk – Mango (only bottom spine attachment)

Mask:: MINA Hair – MASK (from Hair Fair ’13)

Eyes:: <<< np >>> Silent eyes – MINT