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Ahh it is summer…I have the travelin’ bug itching at me…

that’s it…I’m calling in sick tomorrow and heading to someplace far away…Serenity Style Vintage Suitcases Beach

…but where? hmm I need to sit and think on this a while…

Serenity Style Suitcases

*gets out a map and throws a dart at it with her eyes closed*

I've Been Everywhere Man

Where should I go?


Style Info::

Suitcase with 6 poses (shown above):: 199L @ Serenity Style on mp

Skin:: ~PixyStix~ Gabriella Sunset:: 04 Butterscotch. 99L at SYSP and there are two other tones available. I love the yellow eyeliner and all the options included

Hair:: Hair:: Magika Hair – Escape (50% off Hair Sale thru July 10th)

Top::  Pig – BW33 – Bra Aquamarine (Not released yet)

Shorts:: Emery – Short Horses [Choco]

(this color is discontinued but 5 other colors of these shorts are for sale for 175L each.)

Shoes:: Miel Espadrilles – Solid 525L