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Hello darlings! In my daily life, I work with kids. Today we watched Ramona and Beezus. Ramona can’t spell very well and she is trying to make money for her parents, so she makes a sign that says “delishus lemonade.” After her lemonade stand is a bust she tries to wash cars to make money. So her sign ends up saying “delishus car wash.” It is so cute and funny!

With that said, the August round for The Candy Factory has begun and I am here to bring you delishus goodies from these talented designers! All the items are less than or equal to 100L! This delishus event runs every month from the 1st through the 14th.

BlahBlahBlah Baubles & SP Aug CF Retro

blah.BLAH.blah Mary Jane Pin-Up Dress (mesh) 75L

Baubles! by Phe GlassTileHipsterBangles 60L

Baubles! by Phe OnTheDanceFloorRing & StaticWavesRing 60L

Sour Pickles Retro Credenza Table 75L GACHA (16 colors, 2 prims, shadow)

Sour Pickles Dial-Me Retro Phone 65L GACHA (16 colors, 3 poses, 2 prims, shadow)

Boots:: .:pure:. Foxy Go-Go Boots (Part of the Pure Foxy Halter Dress outfit shown father below) 60L

BlahBlahBlah Aug CF Retro Peggy Sue Retro Dress

blah.BLAH.blah Peggy Sue Retro Dress-Striped (mesh) 75L

CoMotion Vintage Chaise Aug CF Retro

Co*Motion Vintage Chaise 4 poses + Retro Cigarette + Holder 100L

CoMotion Vintage Vixen Poses Aug CF Retro

Co*Motion Vintage Vixen 5 poses (comes with Retro Cigarette + Holder) 100L

Co*Motion Vintage Vixen Bonus Pose (Above: bottom right) 1L

Xan's Hats Aug CF Retro

Xen’s Hats: Caddo Cap (left) & Fedora Dark Grey (right) both are mesh! 75L each

DK  Aug CF Retro Joanie Dress

DK Joanie Dress + stockings (6 colors, Lola Tangos applier) 100L

LoL Kennedy's & Love Zombie Aug CF Retro

Loordes of London Mission House Sweater (Coral, Mauve) 60L each

Kennedy’s Sexy Tube Top 50s style 75L (left)

Love Zombie Bustier Black (comes in red too) + Lola Tangos appliers 60L each (right)

Love Zombie Day of the Week Panties (says the day on the back) 1L

Toxic High Aug CF Retro FlashDance

Toxic High Retro Flashdance Outfit (comes with black leg warmers not shown) 50L

Pure Ep 6 + Noise Ep 5 Aug CF Retro

Left: .:pure:. Foxy Halter mesh Dress and Go-Go Boots 60L

elephante poses EP Alive #6 (75L for 1-6 poses together in a pack)

Right:: (This is for Men – but I still wanted to rock it!)

[[[[Noise]]]] mesh Rolled Jacket in Navy (not shown) and Sushi 75L each

elephante poses EP Alive #5 (75L for 1-6 poses together in a pack)

KC Aug CF Retro  & EP 3

Left and Right: Kawaii Couture Retro Bathing Suit & Rockabilly Dolly Skirt 75L

Middle: elephante poses EP Alive #3 (75L for 1-6 poses together in a pack)

Kawaii Couture Solid Flip Flops with bows 75L

Kawaii Couture Floatie Rings GACHA (27 different ones) 15L here

EP 1 & 4 Aug CF Retro

elephante poses EP Alive #1 & 4 (75L for 1-6 poses together in a pack)

And…I had to save the best for last! hehe
DD Aug CF Retro Risky Set + EP Alive 4

I just about died laughing when I saw this! Risky business! haha

Dondi’s Doodads mesh Risky Set (shirt and socks) 99L

elephante poses EP Alive #2 (75L for 1-6 poses together in a pack)

Thank you so much to all The Candy Factory designers!

This is a super swell round!

The Candy Factory’s website:


I hope you enjoy these amazing deals! By the way, the skin I am wearing is called Starley by Dulce Secrets. It is available in 3 tones with 2 makeups at The Kollective right now.

Have a fabulous Friday dears! ❤


Style Info::

Eyes:: ::UH:: Frozen eye (gift07-M-Type:A)

Hair:: .:[ Tiny Bird ]:. I hate camera – Pepper (Closed)