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Good evening from *Ghostville* by Cica Ghost!


 I discovered Ghostville through the destination guide and it is so artistically haunting! Do go check it out if you have not already!


My hair is from Tameless. It is called Peyton. (DEMO here) The hair comes in 48 different colors, split into three types of color packs. Each of the Naturals, Fades, and Fantasy packs are 249L each. The Mega Pack, for all the colors, is only 499L though.

LoL Reef Colors Fair & Tameless Peyton

My Saxon Striped Dress in white comes from Loordes of London at the Reef Colors FairLoordes of London has discounts on their fatpacks at this event.

LoL Reef Colors Fair Shoes

I can never get enough of Loordes of London shoes! All these shoes are available at the Reef Colors Fair. The shoes on the left and the top right are different colors of the Soonsara-The Woods Boots. The bottom right show the Canterbury Boots in teal and aqua.

LoL Reef Colors Fair & Tameless Peyton2

Don’t mind me, I love this artistic sim, but I’m going to sneak out of here before I see any real ghosts! Eeps!


Style Info::

Skin:: Essences – Noodles – light rose 01