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Hello sweet ones!

The sea breeze is blowing through Second Life and it has such a sweet scent…oh no wonder! That is because it is the theme of the September round of The Candy Factory. Don’t forget it ends the 14th!TCF SLACY'S Cutie Patootie

SLACY’S Cutie Patootie Bikini 60L

TCF SLACY'S Polynesian Babe

SLACY’S Polynesian Babe Color 3 99L

TCF Blah.Blah.Blah Angela Tank Dress, Baubles, Love Zombie Anchored

blah.BLAH.blah *MESH* Angela Tank Dress 3 Color Change HUD 75L

Baubles SeaFarer Bangle (comes with earrings) 70L

Love Zombie Anchored Tattoo 50L

TCF NOISE Tees + Kennedy's Mesh Studded Jean Shorts

Left to Right::

[[[[NOISE]]]]] *MESH* Pirate Bones Tee 69L

Kennedy’s Mesh Studded Jean Shorts 75L

[[[[NOISE]]]]] *MESH* Why the Rums Gone Tee 69L

TCF Kaithleen's Sea Breeze + Love Zombie Printed Shorts

Kaithleen’s Buckled Up Tops – Sea Breeze & Sea Breeze II 75L each

Love Zombie Printed Shorts (Anchors) 75L

TCF LoL Meanan Bubble Dress + Baubles! SeaFarer

Baubles SeaFarer Earrings (comes with bangle) 70L

Loordes of London Meanun Bubble Dress Blue Brocade + Picasso 60L each

TCF SP Romper, Atomic Cherry, ToXiC HiGh Bikinis & Surfboards

Left to Right::

Sour Pickles Breezy Sailor Romper Coral/Sun 75L

Atomic Cherry Peasant Blouse + For the Frill of It Shorts 50L each

ToXiC HiGh Black Bikini With Surfing Board 50L

ToXiC HiGh Blue Skirt Bikini With Surfing Board 50L

TCF P&N Fish Out of Water Dress

–[Pins & Needles]– Fish Out of Water Dress 99L

TCF Timeless Textures

Timeless Textures 18 Seamless Sea Breeze Selection 75L

TCF P&N Pirate's Booty Dress

{Co*Motion} Crates-N-Barrels (comes with Dragon Tankard) 100L

–[Pins & Needles]– Pirates Booty Dress 99L

TCF Zoe's Garden 35L

Zoe’s Garden Tasha’s Raft 35L

(16 single poses, 2 couples poses)

TCF [HC] Pirate Skull Lingerie Pink

Hard Candy Pirate Skull Lingerie – pink and purple 80L

TCF Blah.Blah.Blah Isabella

blah.BLAH.blah Isabella Outfit (Green, purple, and blue tops) 69L

TCF Dondi's Doodads Modern Wench, WickedNight Tee + Capri, Glo-Mart Tube Dress

Left to Right::

Dondi’s Doodads Modern Wench Set 95L

WickedNight Easy Breezy Fey Tee 99L

WickedNight SeaBreeze Capri 99L

Glo-Mart Tube Dress Summer Plaid Lime/Pink + Black Pumps 99L

TCF CoMotion Beachy Keen + Dondi's Doodads Achors Away

{Co*Motion} Beachy*Keen (4 poses per chair) 100L

Dondi’s Doodads Anchors Away Bikini + Flats 75L

TCF SP Breezy Sailor Romper Ruby Navy  Zoe's Garden 25L

Sour Pickles Breezy Sailor Romper [Ruby/Navy] 75L

Zoe’s Garden Lazy Day Lounge (8 poses per chair) 25L

TCF Aphrodite Couple Log Together

Aphrodite Shop Couple Log “Together” 100L

(19 couples poses, 4 prims)

Aphrodite Shop Summer Adventure Tent 100L

(Color change: 5 colors base, 8 colors tent. 4 prims)

I hope you enjoy the wonderful products from this round!

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Other Style Info::

Skin:: [VoiD] Elli – Coral – Blogger Pack (9 colors) 99L @ The Candy Factory

Eyes:: [VoiD] Maiden Eyes – Coral (10 colors) 15L Gacha

Hair:: Tameless – Trinity

249L per color pack (Fades, Naturals, Fantasy) Megapack 499L

Palm Trees:: DECO – Palm Trees

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