The Candy Factory Retro


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Hello darlings! In my daily life, I work with kids. Today we watched Ramona and Beezus. Ramona can’t spell very well and she is trying to make money for her parents, so she makes a sign that says “delishus lemonade.” After her lemonade stand is a bust she tries to wash cars to make money. So her sign ends up saying “delishus car wash.” It is so cute and funny!

With that said, the August round for The Candy Factory has begun and I am here to bring you delishus goodies from these talented designers! All the items are less than or equal to 100L! This delishus event runs every month from the 1st through the 14th.

BlahBlahBlah Baubles & SP Aug CF Retro

blah.BLAH.blah Mary Jane Pin-Up Dress (mesh) 75L

Baubles! by Phe GlassTileHipsterBangles 60L

Baubles! by Phe OnTheDanceFloorRing & StaticWavesRing 60L

Sour Pickles Retro Credenza Table 75L GACHA (16 colors, 2 prims, shadow)

Sour Pickles Dial-Me Retro Phone 65L GACHA (16 colors, 3 poses, 2 prims, shadow)

Boots:: .:pure:. Foxy Go-Go Boots (Part of the Pure Foxy Halter Dress outfit shown father below) 60L

BlahBlahBlah Aug CF Retro Peggy Sue Retro Dress

blah.BLAH.blah Peggy Sue Retro Dress-Striped (mesh) 75L

CoMotion Vintage Chaise Aug CF Retro

Co*Motion Vintage Chaise 4 poses + Retro Cigarette + Holder 100L

CoMotion Vintage Vixen Poses Aug CF Retro

Co*Motion Vintage Vixen 5 poses (comes with Retro Cigarette + Holder) 100L

Co*Motion Vintage Vixen Bonus Pose (Above: bottom right) 1L

Xan's Hats Aug CF Retro

Xen’s Hats: Caddo Cap (left) & Fedora Dark Grey (right) both are mesh! 75L each

DK  Aug CF Retro Joanie Dress

DK Joanie Dress + stockings (6 colors, Lola Tangos applier) 100L

LoL Kennedy's & Love Zombie Aug CF Retro

Loordes of London Mission House Sweater (Coral, Mauve) 60L each

Kennedy’s Sexy Tube Top 50s style 75L (left)

Love Zombie Bustier Black (comes in red too) + Lola Tangos appliers 60L each (right)

Love Zombie Day of the Week Panties (says the day on the back) 1L

Toxic High Aug CF Retro FlashDance

Toxic High Retro Flashdance Outfit (comes with black leg warmers not shown) 50L

Pure Ep 6 + Noise Ep 5 Aug CF Retro

Left: .:pure:. Foxy Halter mesh Dress and Go-Go Boots 60L

elephante poses EP Alive #6 (75L for 1-6 poses together in a pack)

Right:: (This is for Men – but I still wanted to rock it!)

[[[[Noise]]]] mesh Rolled Jacket in Navy (not shown) and Sushi 75L each

elephante poses EP Alive #5 (75L for 1-6 poses together in a pack)

KC Aug CF Retro  & EP 3

Left and Right: Kawaii Couture Retro Bathing Suit & Rockabilly Dolly Skirt 75L

Middle: elephante poses EP Alive #3 (75L for 1-6 poses together in a pack)

Kawaii Couture Solid Flip Flops with bows 75L

Kawaii Couture Floatie Rings GACHA (27 different ones) 15L here

EP 1 & 4 Aug CF Retro

elephante poses EP Alive #1 & 4 (75L for 1-6 poses together in a pack)

And…I had to save the best for last! hehe
DD Aug CF Retro Risky Set + EP Alive 4

I just about died laughing when I saw this! Risky business! haha

Dondi’s Doodads mesh Risky Set (shirt and socks) 99L

elephante poses EP Alive #2 (75L for 1-6 poses together in a pack)

Thank you so much to all The Candy Factory designers!

This is a super swell round!

The Candy Factory’s website:

I hope you enjoy these amazing deals! By the way, the skin I am wearing is called Starley by Dulce Secrets. It is available in 3 tones with 2 makeups at The Kollective right now.

Have a fabulous Friday dears! ❤


Style Info::

Eyes:: ::UH:: Frozen eye (gift07-M-Type:A)

Hair:: .:[ Tiny Bird ]:. I hate camera – Pepper (Closed)




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Athena in the Labyrinth

Γεια σου (YAH-soo) lovelies! That is the informal way to say hello to a friend in Greek. I thought I might start greeting you all in different languages. That way my blog posts can be informative as well as stylish. hehe

Greek worked well today because I am wearing the beautiful Athena hair from OhMai at the Hair Fair 2013. Each color pack comes with a HUD to change hair colors and five metal colors of the barrettes. Each color pack is 250L each (30% donated to Wigs for Kids) or the fatpack is 1000L (40% donated to Wigs for Kids).

LoL + Miel

The fab shoes I am wearing are from Loordes of London. They are the Crickhowell II in blue and gold.

They are only 60L here Cosmopolitan Sales Room.

Miel + LoL

Where does the cute dress come from you ask? Well let’s see…you can change the colors of the straps, the 3 stripes, and the ruffle segment with a nifty HUD plus it is darn right chic. It must be from Miel! This mesh Nautica dress is 625L for the fatpack of bright and natural colors.

My stunning surroundings belong to the The Labyrinth of Time. It is a beautiful place!  Be sure to check it out sometime.

έχουμε μια καλή ημέρα! (Have a good day!)


Style Info::

Skin:: Essences – Noodles – light rose 01 (Old TDR product)

Eyes:: <<<np>>> Silent Eyes – Daylight 30L

Hair:: OhMai – Athena – 250L

Dress:: Miel – Nautical Dress – 625L Fatpack

Shoes:: Loordes of London – Crickhowell II Blue&Gold

 60LCosmopolitan Sales Room



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B!asta, Tameless, PixyStix

It is a beautiful day here at The Labyrinth of Time.

It is no wonder I feel heavenly today because I am wearing B!ASTA‘s silk Ever An Angel dress.

I love the frilly collar to the dress. I kind of despise the SL avatar’s shoulders most of the time, so it hides them nicely. 😉

This adorable B!ASTA dress is 10L or get it for free if you are in the group (50L group join fee).


My head is adorned with the high-class Lanore hair from Tameless. It is 249L each color pack on marketplace. This is one of the fade colors. Tameless is a very unique hair company in SL because they use both sculpt AND mesh parts in their hair. They always looks stunning!

My skin is from PixyStix. It is an exclusive preview special that is currently only available in three tones at Miss Busty for 69L each. I am wearing the 02 Vanilla Custard tone and they have one light and one darker tone as well. I adored PixyStix‘s Gabriella skin but this Penelope skin is Pixy’s best work yet I think! As always, it comes with tons of options for brows, cleavage, eyeliner, wax, etc. I’m actually not wearing eyebrows above! I loved the way it looked with the hair.

Have a spiffy day, lovlies! ❤


Style Info::

Dress:: B!ASTA Ever an Angel dress 10L

Skin:: ~PixyStix~ ::Penelope Miss Busty Preview Special :: 02 Vanilla Custard 

(available in 3 tones – 69L each)

Hair:: Tameless Hair – Lanore (mesh)

249L each color pack (naturals, fantasy, fades)

Eyes:: <<<np>>> Silent Eyes – Daylight 30L



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Holla peeps! I follow Strawberry Singh’s blog religiously…who doesn’t? So I decided this week I would do her Intriguing Questions meme.

You can do it too!

Meme instructions: Copy and paste the following questions and answers into your post. Delete my answers and input your own. Please leave a comment for me with your answers OR a link to your blog post with these questions! I would love to see your thoughts. 😉

  1. How do you deal with criticism? In SL I usually just brush it off but in RL I have a hard time not taking it personally.
  2. What’s the most infuriating thing other SL residents do? The thing that some SL residents do that infuriates me is act like someone they are not. They do or say things that they would never do in RL because they have the “convenience” of anonymity in hiding behind their computer.
  3. Which SL resident would you most like to have lunch with and why? There are several I can think of but probably the person I’m most interested in having lunch with is Xantheanne because I really admire her and look up to her as a blogger. Plus, she is darn sweet and cute!
  4. Who would you say is your “anti” role model? Someone who serves as a warning rather than an inspiration? Well, this is going to divulge a lot about me (that I like reality TV) but I would have to say Aaryn Gries from Big Brother 15. It is just on my mind and heart right now. She is a racist homophobic ignorant person and I think she is unfortunately a great example of hate in our society and world. She infuriates me beyond belief. Please, NO one be like her…
  5. What was something you used to enjoy, but was ruined for you? I used to enjoy DJing. No one in particular ruined it for me. I just got burnt out on it I suppose. I am still addicted to music though!
  6. What’s something you want to do that you’d be embarrassed to tell other people about? I want to be on a reality show in RL. 😉 shh don’t tell anyone.
  7. What’s the oddest term of endearment you’ve ever used or that someone’s used for you? In RL I have curly hair and sometimes it gets very frizzy (which really bothers me). I actually had an ex-boyfriend call me “Fuzzy Pumpkin.” It still makes me mad when I think about it. 😛
  8. Have you ever fallen in love with another SL resident? Yes. In fact, my darling boyfriend, Kevin, and I met through Second Life. We have been together in RL for almost two years now. 🙂
  9. Describe a time/event in your slife that you’re nostalgic for. I miss the days when I used to host and DJ at this certain club. It was my first year or two in SL. There was little drama and it was all about meeting people and having fun. I was able to really hone my decorating and DJing skills as well, which were new and exciting to me.
  10. What’s something sweet you’d like someone to do for you? I would love to have someone either hire me in SL to decorate and design their sim or help me start a business doing it. Sim design is something I have always done for my own land and I would love to have someone help me do it for a business in SL.

Returning to the subject of question two, another thing people do in SL that bothers me is sticking to gender stereotypes because they are afraid of what people might think.

Be who you are!

In my personal RL style I enjoy wearing t-shirts and jeans and hoodies most of the time. In SL, I really do enjoy the high class and high fashion girly dresses and accesories but I also love the other end of the spectrum. By that I mean I love wearing clothes designed for men too. haha. I love seeing androgynously-dressed women in SL because they just are doing what they love and being who they are and do not heed to the societal pressure of sticking to gender roles in fashion. Do not tell Kevin I told you (shh!)…he is a very manly guy who is comfortable and confident with himself. So much so that he has worn girls’ jeans in SL a few times because he liked the style of them better than boring mens’ jeans. Plus, his favorite color is hot pink!

I love my guy… 😉

Runway Real

With all that said, Kev and I wanted to show off the new men’s group gift from Spearsong. It is a super cool free mesh hoodie that says “I ❤ Electro House.” I hope you enjoy it like I do!


Style Info::

~Clar’s outfit~

Hairbase:: Tinybird – Light Blondes (Closed)

Hair:: Magika Hair – Sonia

Pants:: Rotten Defiance – Patchwork Pants

Shoes:: Envious – Caution Shoes

~Kevin’s Outfit~

Hair:: *Drot* The Josh- Light Brown

Shape:: HS : Zero Shape

Skin:: HS : Mew 2 : 3 : Soul patch

 Shoes:: *Base13* BLuE monSTA sUprA

Pants:: Klam Designs – Shawn Outfit Black Pant

Location:: Photo Square

When Pigs Fly


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Good day lovelies!Glow Designs & LoL

This unique Purple Lace outfit is the number 13 When Pigs Fly Hunt item from Glow Designs. It comes with a Lola Tangos applier (not shown) and includes the cuff bracelets, collar, shirt, and mesh skirt. The cost is 10L for the hunt items in this hunt.

I am also wearing the Aubergine color of the Ailith booties from Loordes of London. There are 6 colors and they are 60L each (fatpack is 200L) at Acid Lilly (ending today the 14th). Regular price at the main store is 250L.

Piercings & Glow Designs

The piercings I am wearing come in silver, black, and gold as the 1L Midsummer Night’s Dream 4 Hunt item from #KA#. It is hard to see but there are little hearts dangling from the nose, chin, and eyebrow piercings! So cute and fierce! hehe


Style Info::

Skin:: *YS&YS* Rachel Ocean TDR Fusion – 70L @ TDR Fusion

Hair::  Magika Hair – Awake (mesh)

Eyes:: <<<np>>> Silent Eyes – Daylight 30L

Location: It All Starts With a Smile

The Lighthouse Keeper


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Wish you were here, lovelies! I have not left Baja Norte in days.

I think I am going to buy that old lighthouse and become the keeper.

My companions will be the sea lions. It is incredible how tame they are!

Ever An' Angel July GG

I’ll be the most stylish lighthouse keeper you’ve seen in my mesh Ever An’ Angel  dress and boots. 😉 The mesh Morpheus Summer dress is their July Group Gift right now!

Free group to join.

Ever An' Angel July GG Blog

The gift also comes with this purple Morpheus necklace that compliments the dress nicely.

Well, now that I fed the sea lions for today…

I am going to shut myself up in my lighthouse again…hehe


Style Info::

Boots:: Ever An’ Angel MESH Embossed Leather Boots – Fog 350L

Skin:: *YS&YS* Rachel Ocean TDR Fusion – 70L @ TDR Fusion

Hair::  Magika Hair – Blame  (mesh)  (50% off Hair Sale thru July 10th – today!)

On the road again…


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Ahh it is summer…I have the travelin’ bug itching at me…

that’s it…I’m calling in sick tomorrow and heading to someplace far away…Serenity Style Vintage Suitcases Beach

…but where? hmm I need to sit and think on this a while…

Serenity Style Suitcases

*gets out a map and throws a dart at it with her eyes closed*

I've Been Everywhere Man

Where should I go?


Style Info::

Suitcase with 6 poses (shown above):: 199L @ Serenity Style on mp

Skin:: ~PixyStix~ Gabriella Sunset:: 04 Butterscotch. 99L at SYSP and there are two other tones available. I love the yellow eyeliner and all the options included

Hair:: Hair:: Magika Hair – Escape (50% off Hair Sale thru July 10th)

Top::  Pig – BW33 – Bra Aquamarine (Not released yet)

Shorts:: Emery – Short Horses [Choco]

(this color is discontinued but 5 other colors of these shorts are for sale for 175L each.)

Shoes:: Miel Espadrilles – Solid 525L

Oh Hai!


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Hello there and welcome to the wonderful world of Curieux Star!

 °˖✧◝(✌゚⌒ω⌒)◜☆˖Poppy Field

I started this blog back in 2010 and it used to be on Blogspot.

The original intent was to show fascinating sims and destinations in Second Life. Then I got highly addicted to Ozimals bunnies and SL fashion. I am gonna pick it up again and I hope you come along for the adventure! Curieux Star will be focused on SL fashion and destinations. Sometimes it will include Ozimals bunnies and info about me!

Above is me on the left and Kevin, my boyfriend, on the right. It is an old picture of us but I love that poppy field and the scenary so I just had to use it.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy my posts.

p.s. If you have a wordpress account please leave your url in the comments and I would love to follow it and display it on my page. Thanks!